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Rangers 50 years of Football (John Allan)

Eleven great years: the Rangers 1923-1924 (John Allan)

Rangers' eventful years, 1934-1951 (John Allan)

The Rangers: a complete history of Scotland's greatest football club (John Fairgrieve)

The New Era (William Allison)

Growing With Glory (Ian Peebles)

We Will Follow Rangers

The Rangers Players Story

Rangers The Illustrated History (Stephen Halliday)

Ten days that shook Rangers (Ronnie Esplin)

To Barcelona and Beyond (Paul Smith)

The Rangers Football Miscellany (John White)

Rangers :Tthe top 11 of Everything Gers (Mark Benstead.)

Rangers :The Complete Record (Bob Ferrier and Robert McElroy) 1996

Rangers :The Complete Record (Bob Ferrier and Robert McElroy) 2005

Blue & Green : Rangers v Celtic (Archie MacPherson)

The Old Firm (Bill Murray)

Glasgow's giants 100 years of the Old Firm (Bill Murray)

Rangers player by player (Bob Ferrier, Robert McElroy)

The Old Firm in the New Age (Bill Murray)

9 : official tribute to the league champions 1989-1997 (Iain King)

Blue and True (Roddy Forsyth)

Rangers Pictorial Works. (Robert McElroy)

The Official Rangers Fans' Guide (Graham Hunter)

The Gers : Day-to-Day life at Ibrox (Graham Betts)

Champions : A Game by Game Report of Rangers' Season 1988-89 (Alan Fairley)

Rangers vs. Celtic The Old Firm Guide (Neil McDermott)

Rangers Greats (Dixon Blackstock )

More Rangers Greats (Dixon Blackstock)

Rangers (Ian Morrison)

The Rebirth of the Blues (Chick Young)

Rangers Season by Season (Robert McElroy)

Double champions : Rangers' League and Cup winning season 1991/92 (Alan Fairley)

Rangers in Europe (Alan Fairley)

Blue Heaven : The IbroxTrophy Room (Willie Thornton)

Rangers F.C The 25 Year Record (David Powter)

The Herald Book of Old Firm Games

Voices of the Old Firm (Stephen Walsh)

Rangers : Football Legends 1873-1973 (Stuart Marshall)

Rangers Official All-Time Greats (Douglas Russell)

Down the Copland Road (Ronnie Esplin)

Glasgow Rangers revisited (Roddy Forsyth)

Rangers : The Waddell Years, 1938-1984 (Stephen Halliday)

Rangers : all every Gers fan needs to know about the 1998/99 season (Superteams series)

The Best of the Blues (Bob MacCallum)

Rangers : the managers (David Mason)

Rangers : An illustrated History of Glasgow Rangers (Rab MacWilliam.)

Barcelona Here We Come (Ronnie Esplin & Alex Anderson )

Rangers : A Match to Remember (David Mason)

The Advocaat Years (Ronnie Esplin & Alex Anderson)

Playing for Rangers (Ken Gallacher)

Legend Sixty Years at Ibrox (Bob McPhail)

The Rangers Historian (Robert McElroy)

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Rothmans Football Year Book 1970-1971-1999- 2000

Sky Sports Football Year Book 2000-2001-2006-2007

One Hundread Years of Scottish Football (John Rafferty)

Scottish Football Book 28 editions 1955-1982 (Hugh Taylor)

Soccer Internationalists A Whos Who 1872-1086 (Douglas Lamming)

Engineering Archie (Simon Inglis)

Fitba Gallimaufry (Adam Scott)

Football Grounds of Scotland (Duncan Adams)

Bell's Scottish Football Review 2005 - 06

The Complete Scottish League Cup Results Book 1940-2004 (Alex Graham)

The Scottish Football Hall of Fame (John Cairney)

Inside Scottish Football (Tom Purdie)

Flower of Scotland?: A Scottish Football Odyssey (Archie MacPherson)

The Roar of the Crowd (David Ross)

Wizards and Bravehearts (David Potter)

Scottish Football A Pictorial History (Kevin McCarra)

One Hundread Cups (Hugh Keevins/Kevin McCarra)





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