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Fleschers Haugh


Ranger's first games were played on Fleshers Haugh a low lying piece of ground which was situated on Glasgow Green. The Rangers lads would hurry down to play there matches using nearby bushes as changing rooms. Many teams played games on Fleshers Haugh so to make sure they had pitch young boys would be employed to stand guard and make sure no one else claimed the pitch. Eventfully as they became more respected a certain area became known as the Rangers pitch. There first matches were games against the likes of Callendar, Clyde, Havelock, Star of Leven and The Rovers sadly all these clubs didn't last long.
A club that wanted to make their mark needed a ground of their own. Rangers had asked Queens Park for a game but were politely turned down on the grounds that they had no ground of there own.

Fleshers Haugh


Map of Fleshers Haugh Rangers FC