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Scottish Football League 'C' Division 1947-55


At the end of the Second World War, the league was reformed. The sizes of Divisions One and Two were reduced and were now designated 'A' Division and 'B' Division. To accomodate the remaining 6 smaller clubs a third division, 'C' Division was formed. The numbers in this division were made up of Reserve teams of 'A' and 'B' division clubs. The champions of 'C' Division would be promoted to 'B' Division providing they were not a Reserve team. From 1950 two sections, North East and South West were operated, the South West champions are shown first below. In 1955 'C' Division was abandoned when it became apparent that several teams who were unhappy with the existing format intended to withdraw their Reserve teams. 'B' division was expanded to include the 5 clubs which operated their first teams in the 'C' Division of 1954-55 whilst the Reserves teams formed a seperate competition.


    South West Divsion   Nort East Divsion  
1947   Stirling Albion     Rangers did not compete
1948   East Stirlingshire     Rangers did not compete
1949   Forfar Athletic     Rangers did not compete
1950   Clyde Reserves   Hibernian Reserves  
1951   Clyde Reserves   Hearts Reserves  
1952   Rangers Reserves   Dundee Reserves  
1953   Rangers Reserves   Aberdeen Reserves  
1954   Rangers Reserves   Brechin City  
1955   Partick Thistle Reserves   Aberdeen Reserves