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Rangers 'A' 7

Celtic 'A' 4

Airdrieonians 'A' 2

Heart of Midlothian 2

Wishaw Thistle 2

Linthouse 1

Cowlairs 1

Royal Albert 1

Third Lanark 'A'

Boness 1

Kilmarnock 'A' 1

St Mirren 'A' 1

Aberdeen 1

Clyde 'A' 1


Scottish Alliance League

Many leagues in Scotland have used the Alliance name. The Alliance first appeared in 1891-92 the season after the Scottish league was formed. The league continued until most of the clubs left to join the new Scottish League second division. The league continued for 4 more years before disbanding.
In 1905 the Alliance name was reborn. The new league consisted of clubs from the east with only Rangers 'A' representing the west. The new competition only lasted for one season. The clubs joined with the Scottish Football Combination to form the Scottish Football Union.
The name was again resurrected 1919-20, it was basically a reserve league but a few non league clubs also entered. The league ran until 1938. It continued competition for 1939-40 season but was disbanded after only a few games due to the outbreak of war.
The Alliance made a comeback in 1956-57 comprising clubs from the second division.

The following gives a full history of all the leagues bearing the name of the Alliance League.
1891-92 Linthouse Rangers did not compete
1892-93 Cowlairs Rangers did not compete
1893-94 Royal Albert Rangers did not compete
1894-95 Wishaw Thistle Rangers did not compete
1895-96 Wishaw Thistle Rangers did not compete
1896-97 Third Lanark 'A' Rangers did not compete
1905-06 Boness  
1919-20 Kilmarnock 'A'  
1920-21 St Mirren 'A'  
1921-22 Celtic 'A'  
1922-23 Airdrieonians 'A'  
1923-24 Rangers 'A'
1924-25 Heart of Midlothian 'A'  
1925-26 Airdrieonians 'A'  
1926-27 Heart of Midlothian  
1927-28 Rangers 'A'
1928-29 Rangers 'A'
1929-30 Rangers 'A'
1930-31 Rangers 'A'
1931-32 Rangers 'A'
1932-33 Aberdeen 'A'  
1933-34 Celtic 'A'  
1934-35 Rangers 'A'
1935-36 Aberdeen 'A'  
1936-37 Celtic 'A'  
1937-38 Celtic 'A'  
1939-40 competition abandoned Rangers did not compete
1956-57 Clyde 'A' Rangers did not compete